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Hottest Outdoor Fashion to Keep You Cool

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Hottest Outdoor Fashion to Keep You Cool

School's almost out! As school comes to a close, it's time to start thinking about all of the great adventures you will have during the next four months, like camping, fishing, hiking, biking and home projects. With the change in the weather comes a necessary change of clothing. Carhartt clothes are the most affordable outdoor and recreational clothing on the market. If you are shopping for boys outdoor clothing or outdoor clothing for girls, Carhartt has you covered. Let's talk about some of the top fashion trends for Summer 2019

Boys Outdoor Clothing and Men's Apparel

Outdoor clothing will change somewhat depending on the activity of choice. For those into hiking and rock climbing (who also have to do some office work on the side), some of the most popular outdoor apparel for men right now are button up plaid t-shirts with simple color schemes. Especially popular are blue and orange.

Boys outdoor clothing can be tricky though, as button up t-shirts aren't necessarily always appropriate. For a more simple t-shirt, solid colors are in.

Advantages of Getting Outside

Here's the thing, being cooped up inside all day is no fun. It doesn't matter who you are, humans are meant to play outside. Outdoor air quality is upwards to 500% cleaner than a cramped, inside setting. In addition to being good for your lungs, being outside provides a host of other benefits.

Some of the main benefits of opting outside include increased happiness. Seriously. It has been shown that being in the sun boosts levels of vitamin D in humans AND increases our happiness! Some have speculated that because for the majority of our existence as a species, we spent a significant of time in nature, that humans evolved to feel good when surrounded by mountains and plants and rivers.

Best Clothing for Men and Women

Outdoor wear for women is one of our favorite places to provide you with top quality products. Whether you are looking for women pants online, or tops to meet your fit and active needs, Carhartt can help you stay stylish this summer.

With mens outdoor tops, boys outdoor clothing, and outdoor clothing for women and girls, we can help you suit up the whole family. So get ready to hit those rapids and hike those peaks - you have the Carhartt guarantee. We guarantee to have great outdoor clothing for all of your coming adventures.

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