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3 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Family Camping Trip Besides the Tent

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3 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Family Camping Trip Besides the Tent

Camping in the great outdoors is a beloved American pastime. It can be an exhilarating experience or a relaxing one. Whether the focus of the trip is hiking, camping, fishing, or even just to escape the lights and sounds of the city and disconnect from your devices for a while, camping is a great way to unwind and decompress for adults and children alike. One survey found that while four-fifths (83%) of parents agree it's important for their children to learn to use technology, roughly 90% of those surveyed said that they would prefer that their children spend more time outdoors.


Camping is a great learning experience too, and an excellent opportunity to teach children valuable life lessons and survival skills. It's also a great family bonding experience. To help you make the most of your family camping trip, we've compiled this list of essentials that families need to pack for an excursion into the wild.

Men and Womens Outdoor Clothing


This is first and most important on our list. When camping, it's very important to pack clothing that will protect you from the elements, whether it be rain, cold, sun, wind, etc. Men and womens outdoor clothing shops sell base layers, thermals, hoodies, jackets and more. The important thing to take under consideration when selecting men and womens outdoor apparel is that temperatures can fluctuate greatly from day to night, and the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Keep this in mind when selecting outdoor wear. You should always plan to dress in layers - if you get too hot during the day, you can always take off your outermost layers; if you get too cold at night, you have the option to put on another top layer.

One of the most trusted names in outdoor clothing accessories is Carhartt Clothing. Carhartt makes some of the best outdoor gear available on the market. They offer these clothes and accessories at extremely reasonable prices. Carhartt has been a trusted brand since it's founding in 1899. They specialize in work clothing and outdoor gear such as jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls, vests, shirts, jeans, hunting apparel, and more.

Warm Blankets and Quilts for Bedding


When camping, it's less than ideal to spend the night in a tent on the rocky ground with no creature comforts. In addition to men and womens outdoor clothing, we recommend bringing along blankets and high quality quilts to make your sleep a bit more comfortable. When creating a bedroll for camping, you should make sure that you have enough layers beneath you to give yourself adequate support, otherwise, you may wake up with an aching back and a stiff neck. You should also bring warm cover layers to ensure that if the temperature drops during the night, you don't find yourself shivering. Nobody wants to wake up with a runny nose and a cold while off in the woods far from home.

Canned and Nonperishable Food


Even if the focus of your camping trip is hunting or fishing, the reality is that you may not always be able to chase down your dinner in the wilderness. For this reason, we recommend bringing some basic staple foods such as rice, dry beans, and pasta, as well as a few canned foods, and even a few potatoes, to ensure that you don't wind up going to bed on an empty stomach.

Some great portable camping meal ideas include canned beef stew over rice, chicken and dumplings, beans and rice, lentils, and even potatoes cooked over hot coals. Another good precaution is to pack cereal bars, protein bars, dried fruits and nuts, and other quick and easy snacks to keep hunger at bay while you are on the trail.

Camping is a great family experience, but be sure to bring the essentials to ensure everyone is comfortable, warm, happy and well fed. To recap, you should always pack the following when camping: men and womens outdoor clothing, high quality quilts and blankets, and food that can be stored without refrigeration. Have a good trip and be safe!

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